Temporary job sites call for temporary structures

The benefit of clear span shelters is maximizing your internal space. 

Our covered building structures have no interior beams or center supports to take full advantage of maximum storage or workspace. Also, we've eliminated guy wires and extension cables to reduce the building's overall footprint freeing up property real estate for other uses.

How will you use your covered building?

A clear span building's versatility is almost endless. A clear span covered building provides project versatility in every sense of the word. Southern Comfort Shelters provides quality fabric buildings, sheds, and portable warehouses for dozens of different purposes, serving multiple industries. We provide beautifully spacious covered structures with all the features you could need.

We built a solid reputation for supporting our clients in finding solutions to their building and storage needs.

Able to provide multiple custom options and sizes from 8' to 80' wide, any length, and up to 25’ in height. Standard sizes are also available. Protecting your assets is a business necessity. Finding cost-effective solutions that meet all your industry needs is our passion.

The benefits of a fabric structure's portability.

The main benefit of portability is moving your structure from site to site quickly and efficiently. Rapid setup gets your business running back on schedule faster. Sticking to strict timelines is easier when you know assembly is relatively quick and painless. Fabric covered buildings are ideal portable solutions to move supplies from job site to job site. Portable buildings are the easiest way to cover and protect project supplies and vehicles or provide lunchrooms for onsite workers. Additionally, moving supplies to each location reduces travel time and increases profits. 

Portable buildings and temporary shelters remain operational for as long as necessary or until the project is completed. A sturdy galvanized steel frame makes them ideal for temporary to semi-permanent use. Accordingly, once the warehousing is no longer needed, it may be disassembled and stored away for future use. This trait allows your covered building to be shipped to another location, stored for emergency use, or altogether repurposed. Our clear span fabric building offers complete versatility for numerous industries nationwide.

Fabric building solutions by industry.

The adaptability of our covered building clear span structures is so numerous that the only holding you back is a lack of imagination. Some of our most popular uses are warehousing, carports for both large and small vehicles, and lunchrooms. Let's see some of our industries' favorite uses. 


Construction vehicle storage helps protect large equipment from harsh elements and vandalism. Lengthen the lifespan of heavy equipment and construction vehicles with a covered warehouse. Large bay doors or open sides provide the proper protection and ease of use for your job site. A customizable height up to 25’ easily accommodates the tallest and largest equipment.

Agriculture and Gardening:

Warehouse storage protects plants, vegetation, fertilizer, mulch, grains, chemicals, and more from exposure to wind, rain, and sun. Pallet storage and stackable options with a clear span shelter increase maximum storage capacity. A fabric covered structure is also ideal for storing loose grain, hay, or feed to protect against rodents and outside elements.

Oil & Gas:

Fabric covered buildings in the oil and petro industry often deliver portable structures for extraction and processing to protect the site and work area. At the same time, warehousing structures provide equipment storage for tools, supplies, and vehicles. Covered buildings also provide great lunchrooms and safety meeting areas. Due to the explosive nature of these industry goods, you may also need a structure that can be further within the blast zone. We also accommodate that feature with our blast resistant Matador shelters. Find out more about the exceptional blast resistant Matador.


Do you need salt buildings, sand storage, or a meeting area and lunchroom for workers? An industrial fabric covered building provides ideal coverage and versatility in features. Large expansive interiors have ample room for salt and sand storage or hundreds of employees. Make space that works for your needs, from open-scape for easy drive-in removal, warehousing storage equipment, TV monitors for announcements, and fans or HVAC. Both storage buildings and worker tents are available.


Large dock covers save the yachting and boating industries' marine equipment and ocean vehicles from damage. Create the ultimate docking experience with clear span covers. Provide shade for the yacht club and marina members and protection for their boat storage. Covered assets eliminate damage and excess wear from constant exposure to the elements.


These large covered fabric structures have an extensive expanse for aircraft hangars, maintenance shelters, and mess halls. The military uses temporary structures for multiple purposes. Whether the military needs a mustering station, mess hall, storage, or an aircraft hangar, the clear span covered building provides a semi-permanent solution at affordable prices. Protecting billions of dollars of military equipment requires a structure and company you can count on.

Gently Used:

We also cater to industries that want to purchase or rent a used tent. Used tents can be open or closed structures depending on your specific goals. Used tents are still customizable. Wire tents for lighting and fans or have a breezy walkthrough tent. The clear span structure design eliminates interior center supports, providing additional space and an open floor plan for complete versatility. Gently used tents provide extra savings while delivering the same excellent quality.


Assemble emergency relief structures and tents to bring crisis medical care to the masses. Whether you need a vaccination tent or an emergency mustering event tent, portable tents are common in the medical industry. Covered buildings are set up quickly and removed once the need passes. This feature allows medical relief to set up shelters in communities where medical attention is needed most.

industrial, commercial, and residential portable shelter solutions

Strength and durability built in Zachary, LA.

We are proud to construct our covered building structures here in Zachary, LA. One of Southern Comfort Shelters' significant advantages over our competition is our onsite manufacturing facility in Zachary. The manufacturing facility builds structures for strength and durability. The onsite location affords us leverage to accommodate custom orders better and faster than the competition. Additionally, having our manufacturing facility onsite controls how we build structures to last.

We engineer each steel architecture and arc design to withstand extreme circumstances.

The tear-resistant fabric holds strong in harsh weather conditions. Our galvanized steel singular tube frame or welded truss withstands 70 to 90 mph winds. These industrial-strength materials stand up to the elements as impressively as a permanent traditional building would. The waterproof vinyl resists cracking up to -30 degrees Fahrenheit. Similarly, the arc construction ensures that rain, debris, and snow are shed naturally from the structure to maintain its integrity. 

Southern Comfort Shelters also use a specially treated vinyl fabric. The anti-mildew treatment prevents the material from growing mold and mildew in moist environments. At the same time, UV protection safeguards employees and stored goods from harmful UV rays. Lastly, fire retardant fabric meets NFPA-701 standards. Buy the best for durability and longevity.

The value of cost savings for a building owner.

Fabric structures are a low-cost alternative and much easier on a tight budget. Standard permanent structures traditionally cost more to assemble. Further, the company saves high costs on lost time during a build and construction. Reducing the building time saves on offsite storage, multiple leases, and lost person-hours during construction. 

There may also be an additional saving on a building permit due to temporary structure protocols often not requiring permits.

Also, you can choose to rent or purchase any Southern Comfort Shelter building. Rent or buy options adapt to your budget to save you money. The open structure and the light-colored covers save on energy costs. During daylight hours, these structures do not require artificial lighting. Reducing energy usage, in turn, reduces the electric bills. Onsite lunchrooms and warehouses save on employee travel time and keep the workflow running smoothly and efficiently, which means additional savings for increased productivity.

Meeting your storage and structure needs.

Southern Comfort Shelters' covered building structures are available with numerous accessories such as flooring, lighting, garage and bay doors, HVAC and ventilation, fans, and more. Read more about custom options and accessories on our fabric building - tent styles page. Consider, covered buildings come in any custom height and length, as well as standard sizes.

We'll find the correct covered structure for your specific shelter and storage needs, no matter your industry. Work with industry professionals experienced in handling industry complications and finding innovative, cost-effective solutions to your problems. With 30+ years of experience and satisfied customers, you know you're working with industry professionals who have your best interest in mind.