Fabric Building - Choose from three outdoor building structures.

Southern Comfort Shelters provides three expertly engineered fabric covered buildings to meet the needs of all industries and business goals. Whether you're looking for ease of portability, strength & durability, or the most storage space, one of our outdoor buildings is sure to meet your goals. We'll exceed your expectations and think of things that make your building work effectively and efficiently for you. See what style of fabric building works best to meet the demands of your business.

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Our covered building's clear span structure implements rapid setup and offers open interior space. Compared to traditional building structures, our fabric covered buildings provide the most versatility and offer a cost-effective solution. Semi-permanent structures are built for durability and reliability. Perfect for the business owner who needs warehouse space, worker lunchroom or meeting area, fabrication shop space, or an extra portable workspace. The open interior expanse allows for multiple uses and is available at any height and length.

High-quality materials ensure stability and durability under extreme weather conditions. There are many available building options for custom features such as bay doors, door seals, HVAC, interior lighting, various flooring options, cafeteria-style seating, power distribution, and fans, to name a few. Multiple options make this fabric structure ideal for all your needs. Maximize your internal space while getting ultimate structure versatility. 

Get maximum portability with ease of storage. A shipping container building is quick to assemble and dismantle as a temporary structure. Container buildings also have the added benefit of being torn down and stored within the shipping containers. Consequently, shipping containers transport easily. You move them to the following work site for setup and use over and over again, a feature that a conventional building cannot offer. The portable design is ideal for construction, temporary storage, and portable lunchrooms.

Customizable height protects any size of equipment and machines. Shipping container buildings can also offer long-term warehousing, outdoor storage, and carport protection for vehicles. Vinyl coverings protect what needs sheltering, securing, and caring for. Speedy delivery and setup get your next worksite operational as swiftly as possible so that work can begin as usual. Customer features are available in all fabric building styles. This structure is ready to move when you are!

The hallmark feature of this building structure is the blast resistant patent-pending exterior panels. Blast resistant shelters distribute blast overpressure and disperse impact pressure that would otherwise demolish the entire building. The Matador blast resistant shelter rates up to a 6 PSI. One may erect buildings further into the blast zone depending on their blast rating. Moving structures closer to the main building benefits business owners by shorter travel between facilities and freeing up valuable real estate for other resources and functions.

The Matador blast resistant structure delivers high durability and structural stability with reinforced galvanized steel and additional bracing. This fabric building withstands up to 90 mph wind gusts. The structure's minimalistic footprint opens up extra space around the building's perimeter. With a functioning reduced footprint, we provide more usable interior space using the same amount of land as our competitors. Get more space for your money.

Let's look at fabric building features.

Each of our fabric buildings comes equipped with the following performance features.

Vinyl strength coating in acrylic lacquer or matte finish 

Waterproof vinyl fabric material

-30 degrees crack resistance in cold temperatures

Designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, including extreme wind and snow

Anti-Mildew treatment

UV resistance block

Blackout protection eliminates the transmission of light

Fire retardant fabric - fire retardant treatments meet NFPA-701.

Lacquered finish allows for easy maintenance

Custom sizes from 8' to 80' wide, up to 25' height, & any length

Onsite consultation

Accidents Happen, We've Got You Covered - Repairs and Replacement Fabric Cover

Southern Comfort Shelters performs repairs on our fabric covers and many competitor styles. Skilled repairers heat weld tears and minor gashes in vinyl coverings. Portable structures over time may require replacement covers.

Southern Comfort Shelters also help obtain a replacement fabric cover for your facility. We are happy to continue to build our longstanding reputation and relationships with our clients no matter what they need. If you have a tear or rip, call us to come out and do restoration repairs. 

Optional fabric structure features include.

Customize your building further to get the most a fabric structure can offer.
Your specific needs determine what options meet your goals.

Door Options

Flooring Options

Lighting, 50' string lights

TV mounts


Tables and chairs

Concrete barricades

Ceiling fans

Ventilation and exhaust fans

Replacement fabric cover

Exit signs

Fire extinguishers

Dock seal door 

Door wear pleats 

Bug screen mesh

Custom tarps

High-speed doors

Dust control curtains

Choosing Southern Comfort Shelters as your fabric building manufacturer.

Over 30 years of experience have given us the knowledge and know-how to meet your industry challenges head-on. We have faced many challenges throughout the years and always find innovative ways to accomplish our client's needs. As a fabric building manufacturer in an industry that is forever changing, we are adaptable and technology-driven.

We continually look for better products and cost-effective solutions to bring to our clients, new and old. With Southern Comfort Shelters, you always have someone fighting for your best interests to meet your goals and fabric building needs. No obstacle is too large. We accept the challenges you face as our own. Let's form a partnership working on solutions to all your temporary building and fabric structure needs. Start Now!