Shipping Container Canopy

Get the next level of mobility with a shipping container building. 

These sturdy containers make a perfect base for a covered vinyl structure. Portable container structures can be assembled quickly, disassembled, stored in the shipping container, and moved to the following worksite. Container buildings are worksite to worksite solutions for your storage needs. Cover your assets wherever you move to.

A new level of portability - repurposed shipping containers.

The first thing to remember is that shipping container buildings are not just portable containers used for storage. They are, in fact, buildings with structural integrity, including height and storage capacity, the same as traditional construction builds. Container covered buildings use shipping containers as a firm structural base. This modular construction makes these buildings ideal for storing large construction equipment and materials. Adding doors further enhances their capability for various warehousing and storage options on worksites. 


The greatest benefit comes to play once one job is completed. When this occurs, the steel structure is disassembled and stored inside the old shipping container. The building is entirely transportable and moves with you to the next job. Portable buildings mean no more offsite storage and lost travel time. For example, do you need a meeting room at every site to gather workers and discuss the projects? Portable buildings make this a possibility with little effort and painless assembly and tear down. 

Carport large construction equipment onsite and protect it from harmful elements.

Closed structures further protect goods and equipment from vandalism and destruction of property. Similarly, warehousing goods and supplies reduce travel and increase work productivity. Supervisors can access supplies quickly and easily to address project emergencies more rapidly if an unforeseen situation arises. Having materials at your disposal makes workflow efficient and more profitable.

Portable buildings may remain functional for as long as the project requires.

If you are seasonal, you may close everything down and store it away until the next season. Yet, it also provides the freedom that your supplies are available without extra costs if a project runs longer than anticipated. Best yet, if a project ends early, transport building material to the following site and increase profits by tightening deadlines.

Building onto a shipping container

How do we build the structure? We engineer a custom galvanized steel hoop structure that attaches to the portable shipping containers. Truss architecture comes in standard sizes as well as custom sizing if needed. Straps and buckles fasten a sturdy vinyl roof to the steel architecture.

Container-mounted fabric structures can be open-ended or a fully enclosed shelter with door options to fit your storage needs. These sturdy structures withstand high winds and adverse weather. Easy assembly design reduces the time needed before building construction is complete.

Using the shipping containers as a base reduces the overall structural build and does not need ground anchors. Yet, shipping containers require leveled ground to align the roof structure and attach properly. Mounting to the interior walls provides more usable space inside the structure. Conversely, mounting to the exterior walls produces a reduced exterior footprint for tighter constrictions in limited real estate. 

The value of owning a portable asset. Cost-effectiveness of a repurposed shipping container for business.

Owning the portable asset of a movable building relieves the expense of renting offsite storage. Offsite storage units are a business expense many construction companies and contractors endure. 

Regarding project supplies, having reserves onsite means resolving problems faster. Reducing deadlines due to time-saving onsite locality also increases work efficiency. Therefore, the business increases its total project capacity and heightens profits due to higher volume.

Storage container warehouse example

Storage and Container Warehouse

A warehouse is primarily for the storage of materials and goods. Yet, warehousing may come with many obstacles and questions. One of the first things to consider is if you'll need a pallet permit or vehicle and forklift compatibility. A shipping container building provides a clear open interior for easy storage. Southern Comfort Shelters' customizable heights offer plenty of room for machines and forklifts necessary to stack and store your goods. 

Do your goods require cool temperatures? We partner with the best HVAC companies in the Louisiana area to ensure our container buildings have proper heating and cooling options and adequate ventilation. Perhaps, you don't need an HVAC system but are concerned about high temperatures and employee safety during the summer heat. Let's discuss ceiling fans and ventilation systems. Shipping container architecture incorporates many optional building features.

Storage of non-stackable goods such as salt, sand, feed, or gains may need custom heights to accommodate tall construction and farming equipment.

Bulk dry goods may also need flooring to keep moisture out. Perhaps you need large bay doors to accommodate vehicles but keep out animals and outside contaminants. Structural engineering can help answer all your storage container building questions. We aim to meet your goals.

Please meet with our specialists to discuss what container structure options fit your specific industry goals. Southern Comfort Shelters is your storage resource for shipping container building storage and warehousing. Leave it to our superior customer service to ask the questions that ensure you get the proper warehouse for your goods. Over 30 years of experience, we have answered many questions and solved many customer concerns. You are not alone in the industry obstacles you face. We'll find the perfect fit for your needs.

Carport Container Structure

Use container housing to shield seasonal equipment during the off-seasons or shelter and protect vehicles at each job site. Protect your valuable equipment from extreme weather, outdoor elements, vandalism, and even animals or rodents with an industrial carport. Choose from open structural engineering or a fully enclosed building. Both styles offer protection against the elements.

Sheltering large construction equipment reduces excess wear and tear due to unpredictable weather conditions and vandals.

A fabric covered steel architecture or covered building is a simple, cost-effective solution to the damages caused by weather exposure. Keeping valuable equipment protected extends the lifetime of the vehicle or machine, which increases profit margins. Construction vehicles under continuous exposure to the sun experience cracking interiors and heat damage. Moreover, outdoor exposure leaves expensive equipment and vehicles vulnerable to damage from wind debris, hail, sleet, and snow. 

Housing expensive equipment underneath a repurposed shipping container carport or inside a fully enclosed shipping container building helps protect them from possible vandalism. Unwanted intruders may cause severe damage to assets in mere moments. The value added for the security of these objects is easy to outline in profitability and risk assessment.

Using your covered container structure also allows for storing many other types of belongings beyond vehicles. Give employees space to hang their belongings or store items that are taking up additional land or workspace around the worksite.

Find the right shipping container building for you.

Southern Comfort Shelters is skilled at customizing sizes from small fabrication rooms to extremely large and plentiful warehousing. We are experts in constructing exactly which container shelter you need for open-ended shelters or fully enclosed buildings.

Whether your necessities call for open-air, HVAC, fans, or door options such as large bay doors, lighting, and more, we help you find the right proportions and features. Store one or two vehicles or carport multiple large pieces of construction and farming equipment. We have the sizes and design features that meet business owners' goals and provide long-term profits while building your assets.

Louisiana customers know Southern Comfort Shelters delivers on its promise to provide the best quality in temporary structures. Create immediately usable space that moves with you to your next site—manufactured here in Zachary, LA. Our shipping container buildings provide portability with structural integrity, ease of setup, and versatility. Make your next worksite work for you.