Industrial Tent Repairs

In the world of industrial tents and fabric buildings, damage can occur despite our best efforts to prevent it. At Southern Comfort Shelters, our expert repair team is here to repair and restore your tent fabric to extend its life and your investment.

Heat Weld Repairs

Heat welding involves using high temperatures to melt and join sections of fabric, resulting in a seamless bond that's as strong as the original vinyl material. The repaired puncture or tear is not only water-resistant but also retains the fabric's durability and flexibility, offering a long-lasting solution for most types of damage.

Industrial Tent Repair - Heat Weld

Common Types of Commercial Tent Damage

Understanding the different types of damage that can occur to your fabric structure helps us deliver efficient and effective repair solutions. Our team can repair a wide range of damages including:


Forklift Damage: Even minor contact with a forklift can result in damage to your tent. We can heat weld punctures and rips, restoring your tent structure and integrity.

Improper Tie-Down Damage: Incorrectly tied-down covers can result in tension damage or a tent top that is blown off the shelter leading to rips or holes in the fabric.

Falling or Flying Debris: Incidents such as falling tree limbs or a strong wind event that creates flying debris can cause punctures or tears in your tent. We assess the extent of the damage and provide the appropriate repair solutions, ensuring your tent remains functional and safe.

We Repair Other Manufacturer Tent Covers

We believe in offering quality repair services to as many clients as possible. That's why we extend our industrial tent repair services to cover products made by other manufacturers. No matter the manufacturer of your fabric cover, we have the expertise and tools to patch and repair it effectively.

Don't let a damaged tent slow down your operations! We specialize in swift, efficient, and long-lasting tent repair solutions. Contact our team now to schedule your tent repair service and ensure your investment will last years to come.

Industrial Tent Cleaning Service

Maintaining the cleanliness of your industrial tents and fabric buildings is crucial to their longevity and overall performance. We offer specialized cleaning services to help preserve the life of your fabric structures and keep them in pristine condition.

Importance of Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning isn't just about aesthetics; it's about safeguarding your investment. Prolonged exposure to substances like mold, mildew, tree sap, and moss can lead to fabric degradation. By scheduling regular cleanings, you can protect your tent fabric from these potential damages, extending its lifespan and maintaining its functionality.

Our Cleaning Process

Our cleaning process has been refined over the years to ensure optimal results. We effectively remove common contaminants without causing harm to the fabric. We pay special attention to detail, ensuring no spot is missed.

Common Vinyl Fabric Contaminants

Industrial Tent Cleaning Before

Our cleaning services address a variety of issues that commonly affect tents and fabric buildings, including:



These fungi not only mar the appearance of your tent canopy but also degrade the fabric over time. Our team can effectively remove mold and mildew and provide advice on how to prevent their future growth.


Tree Sap

Tree sap can stick to your tent and attract a multitude of dirt and insects, impacting the appearance and integrity of your tent. Our team has the tools and knowledge to remove tree sap without damaging the vinyl fabric.



Moss growth, especially in damp environments, can be difficult to remove without the right equipment and know-how. Our team can safely remove moss from your tent, enhancing its appearance and preventing potential damage.

Industrial Tent Cover Replacement

Eventually, a tent cover reaches a point where repairs aren't feasible. Perhaps the vinyl has begun to break down and flake due to long-term UV exposure, or the cover was loose due to improper tie down leading to wind vibration breaking down the material over time. When this happens, we're here to help. Our team can replace your damaged tent cover with high-quality, durable vinyl that's designed to resist UV damage and withstand the rigors of the elements. We're committed to ensuring your operations run smoothly, even when Mother Nature doesn't cooperate. If you have a tent cover that's beyond repair, don't worry - Southern Comfort Shelters has you covered.

Keep Your Fabric Structure In Top Condition

At Southern Comfort Shelters, we're committed to delivering excellent service that meets your specific needs. Our repair and cleaning maintenance services are designed to keep your tents and fabric buildings in the best condition possible. For more information or to schedule a service, please contact us today

Industrial Tent Repair FAQ

Do we have to take the shelter cover off for repairs?   That depends on the damage. Some patches can be done while the shelter is up. It really depends on the location of the damage. We need to repair from the outside. If the cover is only repaired from the inside, water can cause the patch to fail. If the puncture or tear is on the side it can usually be repaired without taking off the cover but if needed repair is in the roof, it may need to be removed.

How do you make repairs? We can use wither heat or glue to repair the vinyl. Heat welding is the best repair solution. Flex Seal Tape or Gorilla Tape works well on smaller holes.

Can tent repairs be done myself? Yes, smaller, simple repairs can be done with glue or tape but are not as durable or as long-lasting as heat welding.