Blast Resistant Tents For API RP 756 Guidelines

Blast wave impact on structural integrity and employee safety testing.

What Are Blast Resistant Tents?

Blast resistant tents are engineered to mitigate the effects of an explosion or blast event which allows them to be constructed closer to main buildings within a refinery or construction site. Blast resistant tents are constructed with specially designed tearaway Velcro panels that release from the pressure of a blast wave. Allowing blast pressure to flow through the tent panels minimizes the risk of structural failure thereby maintaining the structural integrity of the tent structure. Even though blast pressure is allowed to pass, these panels are capable of withstanding winds up to 90 miles per hour.

What is the American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice 756 or API RP-756?

API RP-756 is the American Petroleum Institute’s Recommended Practice for Management of Risks Associated with Location of Process Plant Buildings. It provides guidelines for identifying, assessing, and managing the risks associated with the location of buildings at petroleum refineries and other process plant facilities. Quality blast resistant tents such as the ones fabricated here at Southern Comfort Shelters are designed to meet these safety standards. For more information regarding API RP-756 visit their website at or download a copy of API RP-756 here

How Do Blast Resistant Tents Maximize Production and Profits?

Blast resistant tents can help maximize profits in various ways. By providing a safe and secure workspace near the work site, blast resistant tents can help reduce downtime, improve productivity, and lower operational costs. Here are some ways that blast-resistant tents can help maximize profits:

Improved Productivity: Blast resistant tents can be quickly and easily deployed in the field, allowing refineries to set up temporary lunchrooms and operational spaces closer to the work site. When it comes to turnarounds, this can save significant time and costs associated with transporting workers to offsite locations. By minimizing transportation time and improving access to the work site, workers can be more productive and complete tasks more efficiently, resulting in increased profits.

Construction Cost Savings: Blast resistant tents can provide a cost-effective alternative to building permanent structures, which can be expensive and time-consuming to construct. By using blast resistant tents, companies can avoid the costs associated with building, maintaining, and upgrading permanent structures.

Flexibility: Blast resistant tents are semi-permanent portable buildings that can be relocated when needed and are customizable to meet the specific needs of a refinery operation, including customized layouts, ventilation, electrical lighting, blast doors, fans, flooring, and many other features. This flexibility can help streamline operations and improve productivity.

Renting Vs. Buying A Blast Resistant Tent 

Renting a blast resistant tent or purchasing a blast tent can be a difficult decision for companies to make. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the decision ultimately depends on a variety of factors, such as the frequency of use, budget, and the company’s specific needs. Here are some considerations for renting versus purchasing a blast tent:

Renting a Blast Resistant Tent:

Short-term Solution: Renting a blast resistant tent can be a good option for companies that need a temporary structure for a short-term project. Renting allows companies to set up a blast resistant tent quickly and easily without a long-term commitment.

Cost-Effective: Renting a blast resistant tent is often less expensive upfront than purchasing a tent, and there are no ongoing maintenance or storage costs associated with tent ownership. By renting a blast tent companies can conserve or free up capital for future projects.

Access to the Latest Technology: Renting may offer the latest blast tent technology as safety features improve with research over time.

Purchasing a Blast Resistant Tent:

Long-Term Solution: Purchasing a blast resistant tent is a good option for companies that require a blast shelter tent on a regular or a semi-permanent basis. Owning a blast resistant tent provides the company with a long-term solution and can result in significant cost savings over time.

Investment: Purchasing a blast resistant tent is an investment that can provide a return over time by saving on rental fees and other costs associated with the renting or leasing process.

Overall, the decision to rent or purchase a blast resistant tent depends on the specific needs of the company. Renting may be a good option for short-term projects, while purchasing may be a better investment for long-term projects or semi-permanent building needs. It’s important for companies to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option and choose the one that best meets their needs and budget.

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