Custom Industrial Tarps Designed to Protect Your Assets

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Welcome to the Southern Comfort Shelters. Our goal is to be your go-to resource for all things related to industrial tarps. In today's fast-paced industrial landscape, the demand for reliable, durable, and multi-functional protective coverings has never been greater. Whether you're in the oil and gas sector, construction, agriculture, or manufacturing, safeguarding your assets is crucial for operational success and efficiency. And that's where we come in.

Southern Comfort Shelters specializes in manufacturing heavy-duty, fire-retardant specialty tarps designed to meet the stringent requirements of a wide array of industries. Our products are not your average, run-of-the-mill vinyl tarps; they are engineered with high quality material to withstand harsh conditions, from scorching sun and driving rain to high temperatures. Best of all, our tarps are fire-retardant to give you that extra layer of safety and peace of mind. Common industrial usage for our industrial-grade custom tarps is:


Storage Tank Tarps

Oil and Gas Storage Tank Covers: In the oil and gas industry, the servicing and maintenance of storage tanks requires meticulous attention to safety and efficiency, making industrial tarps an invaluable resource. These heavy-duty, fire-retardant coverings offer a multi-faceted shield against potential hazards. They prevent contamination by acting as a fabric barrier against dust, water, and other foreign substances when tanks are opened. Their fire-retardant properties minimize risks from sparks or embers during maintenance activities. Additionally, these large heavy duty tarps are weather-resistant, ensuring that work can proceed even in challenging conditions. Customizable tarp accessories allow for easy access to tank components without compromising safety. By serving as a cost-effective, reusable, and regulatory-compliant covering, industrial tarps like those from Southern Comfort Shelters are indispensable tools in responsible oil and gas storage tank maintenance.

Chemical Tank Tarps: These industrial tarp covers can be designed to offer access to tank valves or hatches without removing the entire cover, facilitating efficient maintenance, and monitoring. With their multi-layered benefits that encompass safety, durability, and operational efficiency, chemical tank covers, such as those manufactured by Southern Comfort Shelters, are a vital component in chemical storage and handling procedures.

Water Tank Storage Tarps: Industrial tarps for water storage tanks play a vital role in both preserving the quality of stored water and extending the lifespan of the tanks themselves. Designed to be UV-resistant, these tarps protect water from algae growth and other microbial contaminants that can be triggered by sunlight. They also serve as a barrier against environmental pollutants like dust, debris, and bird droppings, helping to maintain the purity of the stored water. In addition to preserving water quality, these heavy-duty tarps offer protection against harsh weather conditions, reducing the wear and tear on the tank materials.


Manufacturing and Warehousing

Room Divider Curtain: In warehouses and manufacturing plants where space optimization and efficient workflow are paramount, a large heavy duty industrial curtain serves as a crucial room divider. Hung from the ceiling or other structural supports, these heavy-duty tarps can segregate different work areas, facilitating better organization and operational flow. They can separate assembly lines, isolate hazardous work zones, or delineate areas for specific types of products, enhancing safety and productivity. Made from fire-retardant and durable materials, these tarps meet the rigorous safety standards required in industrial settings. Their flexibility is another significant advantage; unlike permanent walls, tarps can be easily moved or adjusted to meet changing operational needs.

Room Divider Tarp

Room Divider Tarp

Equipment Covers: In industrial settings where machinery and equipment represent significant investments, protecting these assets is crucial for long-term operational success, and this is where specialized machinery covers made from industrial tarps come into play. Designed to withstand the rigors of industrial use, these heavy-duty tarps serve as a formidable shield against various environmental factors like dust, moisture, and corrosive substances that could otherwise compromise the performance and longevity of machinery.


Construction Tarps

industrial scaffolding tarps

Scaffolding Tarps: Industrial tarps used for scaffolding in construction and renovation projects serve multiple critical functions aimed at safety, efficiency, and compliance. Made from heavy-duty, weather-resistant materials, a heavy duty tarp can provide a reliable shield against wind, rain, and other environmental factors, allowing work to continue even in less-than-ideal conditions. By enclosing the scaffolding, they also enhance safety by containing debris, tools, or other materials that could otherwise fall and pose a risk to workers and passersby. Additionally, these tarps are fire-retardant, adding another layer of protection in environments where welding or other heat-generating activities take place.

Weather Protection: In the construction industry, weather protection is a critical consideration, and industrial tarps offer a versatile and effective solution. These heavy-duty tarps safeguard both construction materials—such as wood, cement, and electrical components—from rain, wind, and sun, preventing costly damage and project delays. They also serve as a protective layer for partially constructed or exposed structures, allowing work to proceed even in adverse weather conditions.


Agriculture Tarps

Farm Equipment Covers. Hay and Feed Covers:  In agricultural environments, the preservation of hay, animal feed, and farm equipment is crucial for both economic efficiency and livestock health, making the role of large industrial tarps invaluable. An agricultural large tarp can protect hay bales and animal feed from a range of environmental threats such as moisture, which can lead to mold growth and rot, rendering them unfit for consumption. By using a weather-resistant vinyl tarp, farmers can extend the longevity of their feed supplies, farm equipment, and other agricultural material.


Custom Industrial Tarps for Your Industry

Don't leave the safety, efficiency, and longevity of your operations to chance. From weather-proofing your construction site to covering your biggest assets, Southern Comfort Shelters has a wide range of industrial tarp solutions tailor-made for your specific needs. Our wide selection of heavy duty industrial tarps are crafted from high-quality, durable, fire-retardant materials that stand up to the rigors of industrial use. Experience the difference that comes with a product designed to not just meet but exceed industry standards. Contact us today for a custom tarp quote to fit your specific industrial application.