Clear Span Fabric Buildings For Large Space Requirements

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In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, the demand for efficient, cost-effective, and adaptable solutions for accommodating large spaces is paramount. This necessity has given rise to a groundbreaking innovation in modern construction known as clear span fabric buildings. These remarkable structures, also referred to as fabric structures or a hoop building, offer unparalleled versatility and affordability.

A clear span fabric structure exemplifies the perfect fusion of a sturdy framework and the lightweight, flexible nature of fire-retardant fabric materials. It provides a versatile spatial solution that caters to a diverse range of industries, including construction, oil & gas, agriculture, aviation, sports, and entertainment.

 What is a Clear Span Fabric Building? 

A clear span fabric building is a cutting-edge architectural solution that merges the benefits of conventional buildings with the adaptability and versatility offered by advanced fabric materials. This innovative construction approach revolutionizes the way we think about structures. So, what precisely does this entail?

At its most fundamental level, these tension fabric buildings are architectural marvels that consist of a sturdy framework, typically crafted from resilient materials like steel, supporting a stretched fabric membrane. What sets these structures apart is their unique "clear span" design, characterized by the absence of columns, posts, or any other obstructing supports within the building's interior. As a result, a clear, unobstructed space is created, offering boundless possibilities for a multitude of applications.

By employing a clear span fabric building, businesses, and industries can benefit from an expansive, column-free space that maximizes usable floor area. This design promotes efficient workflow, enables easy customization and reconfiguration, and facilitates rapid installation compared to conventional building methods. The combination of a durable framework and high-quality fabric fire-retardant materials ensures long-lasting performance and resistance to environmental factors.

Fabric Hoop Building Construction

Key Features of Clear Span Fabric Buildings 

  • Unobstructed Space: One of the key advantages of these clearspan structures is the absence of interior columns or supports, which allows for the maximum utilization of the interior space. The design of a clearspan building makes them highly suitable for activities that require large, open areas, such as storage for large construction equipment, sporting events, warehouse storage, or an industrial or manufacturing facility. The clear span design ensures an uninterrupted and spacious environment, accommodating diverse operational needs.
  • Durability and Strength: Despite their lightweight appearance, clear span fabric buildings are engineered to possess exceptional durability and strength. The framework, often constructed from materials like steel, provides a robust structure capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. The fire-retardant fabric cover, designed to be weather-resistant and UV-protected, further enhances durability and ensures a safe and secure environment for various applications.
  • Quick Installation: Compared to traditional building methods, clear span fabric buildings offer a notable advantage in terms of construction speed. With prefabricated components and simplified assembly processes, these structures can be erected swiftly, making them an ideal choice for projects with tight timelines. The efficient installation process enables businesses to expedite their operations and minimize downtime.
  • Energy-Efficiency: Clear span fire-retardant fabric buildings promote energy efficiency through their innovative design. The fabric cover used in these structures possesses reflective properties, allowing for excellent natural light diffusion. This reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day, thereby decreasing energy consumption and cutting down on associated costs. Additionally, the fabric materials can provide insulation, helping to maintain desired temperatures within the building and contributing to energy savings. Black out material is also available should you need to block all light from outside the building.
  • The versatility of a Temporary Structure: Clear span fabric buildings can cater to a myriad of uses, making them a highly versatile option. Whether you need a temporary storage warehouse, an airplane hangar, an indoor sports facility, or a manufacturing plant, clear span fabric buildings can be tailored to fit your needs.
  • Cost Comparison with Traditional Buildings: When compared to traditional buildings, the savings in construction and maintenance costs over the lifespan of a clear span fabric building are significant.

Quonset - clear span buildings

Benefits of Clear Span Fabric Buildings in Specific Industries 


  • Livestock Housing: These buildings offer a well-ventilated, light-filled, and comfortable environment for animals. Their clear span design eliminates obstacles, allowing animals to move freely. They are ideal for livestock or horse barns.
  • Equipment Storage: Agricultural machinery and equipment require large, secure spaces for storage. Clear span fabric buildings offer just that, in addition to being quick to construct and cost-effective.
  • Crop Storage: Clear span buildings provide the necessary space to store large volumes of crops. The fabric cover can help regulate interior temperature, ensuring crops stay in optimum condition.


  • Equipment Storage: Construction equipment is often bulky and requires ample storage space. Clear span fabric buildings provide secure, weather-protected space for machinery and tools.
  • Temporary Workshops: On large construction sites, there's often a need for temporary spaces for workshops or administrative work. The quick and easy setup of these buildings makes them an ideal solution.
  • Material Storage: Clear span buildings offer ample space for storing construction materials, protecting them from the elements and ensuring they remain in optimal condition.

Oil and Gas 

  • Equipment and Machinery Storage: Much like in the construction industry, these buildings provide necessary storage for heavy and valuable equipment, keeping them secure and protected from harsh weather conditions.
  • Temporary Workspaces: On-site administrative work or temporary workspaces can be easily set up using clear span fabric buildings, accommodating teams working in remote exploration or drilling sites.
  • Warehousing and Distribution: The clear span design allows for easy movement of large items and easy setup of shelving or other organizational systems, making these structures ideal for warehousing and distribution purposes.

Industrial Warehousing

  • Large Storage Spaces: The design of clear span buildings offers expansive, unobstructed space, ideal for the bulk storage of large quantities of goods.
  • Distribution Centers: Clear span buildings are not only suitable for storage but also make excellent distribution centers. The ample space facilitates efficient logistics operations, including sorting, packing, and dispatching goods.
  • Supply Chain Facilities: Companies looking to improve their supply chain efficiency can benefit from the quick installation and flexibility of clear span fabric buildings. These structures can be easily adapted to fit evolving business needs and can be relocated if necessary.


  • Aircraft Hangars: The clear span design accommodates large aircraft without the hassle of interior columns or supports. Additionally, the fabric cover allows for natural light diffusion, creating a bright working environment.
  • Maintenance Facilities: Aircraft maintenance facilities require spacious, well-lit environments. Clear span fabric buildings provide these conditions and are also resistant to corrosion, a key factor in these settings.


  • Indoor Sports Facilities: From indoor football fields to tennis courts to a riding arena, the clear span design provides unobstructed space for athletic activities.
  • Gymnasiums and Fitness Centers: These structures can be easily customized to fit specific equipment and activity areas. Their energy efficiency and natural lighting create an inviting atmosphere for exercisers.

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In an era where space has become a premium, and flexibility and cost-effectiveness are highly valued, clear span fabric buildings stand out as a superior choice for large space requirements. They marry the strength of robust frames with the versatility of fabric, providing unobstructed, customizable spaces that cater to a wide range of uses across various industries. From agriculture, aviation, and sports to construction and oil & gas, these buildings offer unique benefits including quick installation, reduced maintenance costs, and substantial energy efficiency, making them a go-to solution for large, open spaces.

If you're interested in learning more about how clear span fabric buildings can cater to your large space needs, Southern Comfort Shelter invites you to get in touch with our team of experts. We're here to answer your questions, guide you through the customization options, and help you find the perfect solution that aligns with your specific requirements. Discover the difference a clear span fabric building can make for your operations – contact us today!