Lunch Tents for Refinery and Construction Sites

Lunch Tents

Lunch Tents

At Southern Comfort Shelters, we understand the importance of providing a safe and comfortable environment for work crews to comfortably take breaks and eat lunch. Our climate controlled lunch tent provides a relaxing dining environment for your crew no matter the season or weather. Southern Comfort Shelters has been providing industrial tents to the refinery, construction, and manufacturing industries for over 30 years. Our clear span tents maximize interior space while minimizing the site footprint as our structures do not use guy wires which eliminates the hazards of external stakes and cables which improves safety.

Industrial Lunch Tent Accessories:

  • Lunch tent structures sized for your specific requirements. Blast-resistant tent options available.
  • Table Options: 6’ Folding Picnic Tables and 8’ Banquet Dining Tables.
  • Seating: Metal Folding Chairs
  • Flooring options
  • Lighting: String Lights
  • Microwaves
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Exit Signs
  • Metal Personnel Doors
  • Saloon Style Swinging Doors
  • HVAC Option
  • TV Mounts

Lunch Tent with Tables

Our commercial tent system can accommodate crews as small as 10 people to as large as 3,000 people. Whether you need a temporary structure for turnaround work or something more permanent for a longer project we have you covered. Let our industrial tent specialists determine if purchasing or renting a lunch tent is the best option for your project needs. Contact Southern Comfort Shelters today for a turn-key lunch facility.


Lunch Tent FAQs

  • Can your lunch tent area be heated/cooled? Yes, depending on what type is used, the ducts can be inserted into the side of the tent or the unit can be placed at the end of the tent.
  • How many people fit in the lunch tent? We allow 15 sq. ft. per person. That is what the LA Fire Marshal Requires. If you tell us how many you are trying to seat, we can let you know what size tent is needed.
  • How long can we rent a lunch tent? We do monthly rentals for any duration. If you are going to have the tent for more than 6 months, It can be more cost effective to purchase the tent. Odd-size buildings may have a minimum rental period.
  • What size lunch tents do you offer? We offer 8’ wide tents up to 80’ wide tents.