Benefits of a Shipping Container Canopy

Shipping Container Canopy

What is a shipping container canopy?

A shipping container canopy is a structure created by placing a canopy roof kit over one or more shipping containers. The canopy frame can be designed in different sizes to fit specific shipping container dimensions. The shipping containers serve as both the foundation for the tent while providing secure storage space for tools, and equipment. Shipping container canopies are commonly used on construction sites to protect construction equipment, temporary warehousing, and as a workspace away from the elements. Once the project is over, the canopy along with additional equipment can easily be transported to the next worksite.


Storage container warehouse example


Industry Solutions for Container Shelters:

  1. Construction Sites: Shipping container canopies can provide covered outdoor work areas, where construction workers can perform activities such as cutting, painting, and welding. The fabric cover provides a large clear-span dome shelter for storing large equipment and construction materials.
  2. Government: Shipping container fabric covers are an ideal solution for salt and sand storage for local municipalities. Because there are no internal support beams, trucks and plows can easily access the dry goods for fast deployment. An end panel or end wall can be added to keep sand and salt dry.
  3. Agriculture: Farmers and other agricultural businesses often use shipping container canopies as shelter for livestock, hay, or farm machinery such as tractors, harvesters, and plows.
  4. Oil & Gas: Blasting and painting areas, warehousing, and equipment storage near the worksite.
  5. Mining and Mineral: Mineral processing, field operations, temporary shelter, additional workspace, material and equipment storage.
  6. Trucking Companies: A shipping container canopy provides a covered work to work on vehicles and store tools.


Shipping Container Canopy


Why Shipping Container Covers Are a Cost-Effective Solution:

  1. Minimal site preparation: Shipping container canopies require minimal site preparation since they can be installed on almost any surface that is level and stable. This can significantly reduce the time and cost of preparing the site for construction.
  2. Use of the shipping container as the foundation: A shipping container roof kit use the shipping container itself as the foundation, eliminating the need for additional foundations, such as concrete slabs or footings.
  3.  Portability: Shipping container canopy setups are designed to be portable, making them easy to move and relocate as needed eliminating the need to build multiple structures.
  4. Security: Shipping containers provide secure storage space and peace of mind knowing your tools and equipment are safe.


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