Benefits of a Fabric Quonset Hut

Covered Building - clear span buildings for shop with door

What is a Quonset Hut? A Quonset hut or Quonset Building is a prefabricated arch style building made of either corrugated galvanized steel or other materials such as fabric or vinyl. The Quonset design is named after the place where it was first manufactured during World War II: Quonset Point, a naval air station located…

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Benefits of a Shipping Container Canopy

Shipping Container Canopy

What is a shipping container canopy? A shipping container canopy is a structure created by placing a canopy roof kit over one or more shipping containers. The canopy frame can be designed in different sizes to fit specific shipping container dimensions. The shipping containers serve as both the foundation for the tent while providing secure…

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Fabric Buildings Are a Smart Construction Choice

Onsite manufacturing facility for Temporary Portable Buildings

What Are Fabric Buildings? Fabric buildings, also known as tension fabric buildings or fabric-covered buildings, are a type of pre-engineered structure that utilizes a rigid frame, typically made of a steel frame, and a durable, tensioned fabric membrane as the outer covering. The fabric material used is often a high-quality, fire retardant, weather-resistant, and UV-protected…

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