Lunch Tents for Refinery and Construction Sites

May 5, 2023
Lunch Tents

Lunch Tents At Southern Comfort Shelters, we understand the importance of providing a safe and comfortable environment for work crews to comfortably take breaks and eat lunch. Our climate controlled lunch tent provides a relaxing dining environment for your crew no matter the season or weather. Southern Comfort Shelters has been providing industrial tents to…

Benefits of a Fabric Quonset Hut

April 20, 2023
Covered Building - clear span buildings for shop with door

What is a Quonset Hut? A Quonset hut or Quonset Building is a prefabricated arch style building made of either corrugated galvanized steel or other materials such as fabric or vinyl. The Quonset design is named after the place where it was first manufactured during World War II: Quonset Point, a naval air station located…

Benefits of a Shipping Container Canopy

April 11, 2023
Shipping Container Canopy

What is a shipping container canopy? A shipping container canopy is a structure created by placing a canopy roof kit over one or more shipping containers. The canopy frame can be designed in different sizes to fit specific shipping container dimensions. The shipping containers serve as both the foundation for the tent while providing secure…

Fabric Buildings Are a Smart Construction Choice

March 29, 2023
Onsite manufacturing facility for Temporary Portable Buildings

What Are Fabric Buildings? Fabric buildings, also known as tension fabric buildings or fabric-covered buildings, are a type of pre-engineered structure that utilizes a rigid frame, typically made of a steel frame, and a durable, tensioned fabric membrane as the outer covering. The fabric material used is often a high-quality, fire retardant, weather-resistant, and UV-protected…

Hoop Buildings: Advantages and Uses of Clear Span Fabric Buildings

March 14, 2023
Industrial Tent System

What Are The Advantages of Clear Span Hoop Buildings? Clear Span Design: One of the main advantages of hoop buildings is their clear span steel structure, which allows for a more open and flexible work area. Unlike traditional buildings that require columns and support beams, hoop buildings have a steel frame that is arched to…

Blast Resistant Tents For API RP 756 Guidelines

February 17, 2023
Blast wave impact on structural integrity and employee safety testing.

What Are Blast Resistant Tents? Blast resistant tents are engineered to mitigate the effects of an explosion or blast event which allows them to be constructed closer to main buildings within a refinery or construction site. Blast resistant tents are constructed with specially designed tearaway Velcro panels that release from the pressure of a blast…

A Tarp Shed Is An Affordable Storage Solution

February 7, 2023
Southern Comfort Shelters Lunchroom

What Is A Tarp Shed? A tarp shed or tarp shelter is a temporary outdoor structure made of heavy duty tarpaulin fabric stretched over a pole frame. It is commonly used as a portable storage shed or tent covering for various purposes, such as storage, construction sites, outdoor events, agriculture, and emergency situations. Tarp sheds…